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Blessings, although we began the Universal New Thought Network Serving New Thought in 1992, the Conscious Ministry program started ten years later in 2002.

Any use of network services, including the Library, any FindACenter access or listing, any website services, including hosting or designs are subject to these Terms of Service without exception.

The Terms of Service have evolved since that time and continue to do so.

These Terms, in conjunction with additional Terms which are linked to from,


govern any use of any resource that the NewThought.Net/work, a.k.a. Universal New Thought a.k.a. Serving New Thought a.k.a. World New Thought a.k.a. Global New Thought, hereinafter be referred to as Serving New Thought, provides.

Unlike the Affiliated New Thought Network, the NewThought.Net/work Serving New Thought is an all volunteer network. Participation is voluntary and all contributions are voluntary.

If you belong to an organization whose leadership has issues of "prosperity consciousness", and is thus unable to inspire anyone to become a sponsor, simply ask the Support Staff to provide you with links to grant application paperwork. When you complete the grant application paperwork to the satisfaction of the Support Staff, ensuring that the organization you are helping has provided you with a primary "letter of need", you will be able to access support resources through the charity program.

Our founders pledged to support all New Thought Communities and we stand by that pledge, providing hundreds of charity listings to a host of financially challenged Communites whose leaders have been unable to inspire sponsorship.

If your New Thought Community is in financial straits, then begin by registering into the support system by going to


Afer you have registered, you may request a financial need application.

When you sign up for FaceBook, Twitter, PayPal or any other service, to use those services you agree to a Terms of Service, Terms of Use, Terms of Agreement, a combination of these, or all them. We have made our Terms as easy to read as possible.

It is always a good idea to go that page, click on the links and read them all. Anyone who has read other Terms of Service such as Google's, Facebook's, or Apple's understands how edifying such reading can be.

The reason so many wonderful and amazing New Thought folks have joined our efforts is because we are doing God's work building wonderful free resources such as the New Thought Library, and other resources help New Thought Seekers.

We provide an amazing spectrum of high quality services to help you to do God's work too. Grants (free equipment and / or services) are awarded through applications & paperwork. Those seeking grants of services or equipment happily comply with the guidelines. This keeps the system fair to all.

Serving New Thought is staffed by volunteers. Contributions go to expanding New Thought resources. We don't have any paid staff, but perhaps one day we will. We ask you to join us in affirming the truth that one day everyone working with Serving New Thought will be well paid for this wonderful work.

Presently we are all working to remedy the dreadful decline in attendance at New Thought Centers around the world which prompted the closure of 49% since 1999. Being on the front line to observe this decline, we know that there are some truly gifted New Thought Leaders out there who inspire.

These are the leaders who are aware of the problems created by that dreadful delusion the founders call "Late New Thought."

These are the New Thought Leaders who are working to insure that New Thought Centers are focused on Consciousness and not corrupted by flim-flammery such as Crystal Beds, Celestial Substance and / or Magic Healing Powders and fake attunements.

These are the New Thought leaders who are not simply paying lip service to the Spiritual Values that have been part of New Thought since its inception, but living them. They not only post a copy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on the wall of their centers, they have read it and teach its principles. These are the leaders who inspired you to become a Sponsor of updates and / or a sponsor / steward. These are the New Thought Leaders of New Thought Today!

Here are links to various sections: Basic Info & Ethics; Homework; Recording; Guidelines are Universal; Managing Your Spiritual Centers Domains; ISP's; Use Free Resources & Knowledge; Ministry Building Tools; Link to Resources; Find A Center; Paperwork; Communication; Practice Prosperity Principles; Be Smart / Use PayPal; Charity Status is basically a Grant; Equipment Grants; I am loved; Play Nice; "Branded" Templates; Participation; Exceptions;

It is understood that users of any resource or service agree with all the points below, otherwise the remedy is to discontinue using the resource(s).

Online things that are good to get done when choosing empowerment:

  1. Read! The answers to your questions are most likely already given.
Basic Information & Ethics
  1. Participation in the program is a privilege. There are no excuses for disrespectful behavior including behavior which interferes with another participant's full participation or the functioning of the program in general.
  2. Our Terms of Service, including these articles were created through experience with hundreds of New Thought leaders, ministers and communities. We have heard all kinds of stories and excuses for various types of behaviors that we never expected to encounter when we started this ministry in the previous century. This is the reason for these terms and why we no longer accept promises or pledges on face value. We deeply appreciate your kindness and your understanding. We pledge to do our best to support you.
  3. All participants are aware that Serving NewThought is a non-denominational fully independent ministry providing independent New Thought News as well as a growing number of wonderful resources to support the growth of New Thought Worldwide.
    Serving NewThought does not participate in Spiritual Politics. We serve all New Thought Ministries regardless of independence or affiliation.
    1. Participants may not ask or prevail upon anyone working with Serving New Thought to do anything unethical,
    2. this includes asking for special treatment for listings in the FindACenter Universal Directory System,
    3. including the activation of links when there is no Sponsor / Steward supporting the listing that pertains to my center, or the level of stewardship is not consummate with linking.
    4. including asking for the deletion of any listing within the directory including listings that pertain to any community I might attend, or no longer attend (which is detrimental to said Spiritual Community and New Thought Seekers who are searching for a spiritual community).
    5. Participants understand that gossip demonstrates a lack of Spiritual Evolution and will not participate in gossip. Doxing, flamming, tolling etc..., are all considered gossip.
    6. Participants will not do anything unethical and will abide by the highest spiritual integrity.
    7. Participants understand that whatever is written, spoken or otherwise communicated in training/support sessions is considered spiritual counseling and therefore
    8. Participants will not share anything that someone else may reveal about him/herself or attempt to find out about whatever has been communicated or not communicated in any such session with anyone else.
    9. In the event that participants gain access to privileged information, regardless of how, participants will not share such information.
    10. Participants may not partake of this program to spy, to abscond with ideas or systems, or take advantage of others, including ServingNewThought and/or any networked minister/ministers in any way.
    11. I understand that networked ministers do not share their birth dates, home addresses, social security numbers, or last names because of security reasons and that it is impolite to make personal inquiries. This is a professional program and not a dating service. It is also unethical to attempt to pry into personal lives of other spiritual leaders. Sexual orientation, status of marriage, parenthood, and other personal details are not appropriate subjects. These guidelines are in place due to past incidents. These guidelines are included to insure that ministers who are participating in your support are assured of their security and privacy, as you are assured of yours.
    12. Sending unrequested photos, abusive photos, information obtained on the internet intended to disparage, embarass, or otherwise emotionally abuse a fellow participant or volunteer is considered doxing / trolling. Each incident will be assessed as constituting damages financially equal to one year's salary of a U.S. Senator.
    13. Participants understand that Ministry is a profession, not a business. Ministers, Doctors and other professionals earn a living and can be well paid for the work they do, However, ministry is not a profit activity. "Unlike so many, we do not peddle the word of God for profit." ~ 2 Corinthians 2:17 It is inappropriate to ask for support for profit activities or to act as if ministry is not a profession but instead is some kind of commercial activity. Ministry is concerned with helping people and supporting them spiritually which entails teaching, spiritual counseling, prayer work etc... In contrast to ministry, business is a profit activity. There is a difference between a spiritual prophet versus a spiritual profit. A spiritual profit is an oxymoron. If you wish to be a profit or profiteer, then this is not the program for you. We support New Thought spiritual ministries and organizations whose focus is helping people grow through understanding New Thought principles, at the root of which is the understanding that as we "change our thinking, we change our lives." We support Spiritual Leadership to grow their ministries and if you use the tools we provide, you can build a great ministry and become well paid for your wonderful work. Spiritual Ministry is not like selling widgets, services or burgers, yet you can easily be a well paid professional.
    14. Participants understand that mentors / support staff / colleagues are volunteer New Thought ministers, practitioners and teachers who are not getting paid to do this support work. Volunteers are doing this work because they love and care about New Thought. This love and care is extended to help participants evolve and grow themselves and their ministries.
    15. Participants understand if their communities are in Charity status, it is incumbent upon them to submit monthly financial reports, as well as activity reports. In some case, Support Staff may provide a participant with the opportunity to contribute time and energy to upgrade the Serving New Thought resources that support them and all of New Thought. Such opportunities are subject to review and all participants must maintain a positive attitude of gratitude, as well as demonstrate higher consciousness, or they will be terminated from the program.
    16. Participants may not enroll in this program just to get free services or abscond with a web design or any custom design work.
    17. Participants may not enroll in this program to steal information or acquire knowledge for personal profit or to duplicate any of the services offered through Serving New Thought.
    18. Participants will not do anything unethical such as trying to get special treatment in order to get around the guidelines of ServingNewThought (which is another way of hurting their colleagues and peers.) This includes removal of copyright notices, or use materials from the custom templates on servers outside the Serving New Thought system.
    19. Participants using designs, or hosting will not remove, distort or otherwise hide any of the notices at the bottom of each page which inform other New Thought Ministries of this program and the fact that they can get free hosting, free training and the use of a wonderful web design while in the program.
    20. Participants understand that these notices are not commercial notices. The notices are in place to inform other New Thought ministries that they can participate in these programs. Since New Thought ministries can send apply for, and get grants to access the resources for free, it logically follows that these notices are for the general benefit of the New Thought community and not for commercial gain.
    21. Participants, including New Thought Ministers and Practitioners, will be conscious and aware of their responsibilities to live by Spiritual principles and demonstrate honor, maturity, compassion and kindness in all transactions with Serving New Thought and any New Thought colleague met through Serving New Thought regardless of their respective New Thought denomination or independent status, or which New Thought Institute, Seminary or training program they attended.
    22. Participants must understand that networking occurs to the extent he or she builds a proper relationship to their sponsor / mentor / support person. Relationships are built through action. If you wish to network on the basis of simply existing, there are resources such as Facebook.
    23. Participants (including New Thought Ministers and Practitioners) may not troll, dox, flame or otherwise abuse other participants or volunteers. This includes making phone calls, skype calls, or using any other digital service or medium to send verbally abusive tweets, instant messages, videos, photos or files of any kind. This includes anything found online, or off.
    24. Participants understand that New Thought is primarily about consciousness and not about the accumulation of credentials. Participants must understand that all New Thought leaders regardless of national origin or primary language are worthy of respect, kindness, and understanding.
    25. Participants understand that there are many wonderful schools, institutes and training programs in New Thought and that each has its merits. Participants must abide by the principle of loving support and not behave immaturely if another minister did not go to a particular school (such as the one that the participant went to), acting as if he or she is less worthy as a minister, spiritual leader or teacher. The ultimate proof of a school is found in the ability of its individuals to do New Thought ministry. Individuals come to us for support to be able to expand and grow New Thought through their particular ministries. We are here to give them love and mentorship to evolve, grow and succeed, not to judge them. If Participants work with Serving New Thought supporting others, they must do so with love and compassion, not with judgement or derision.
    26. WE have all heard the jokes about "Masters degrees in Consciousness are for the unconscious," "Honorary degrees awarded by Religious Organizations are simply demonstrations of corruption," "New Thought Degrees are for Old Thoughtless freaks," etc... etc.... It is disconcerting to observe such statements coming from New Thought ministers themselves about their colleagues.
    27. We don't like to have to write things out like this, but unfortunately it is necessary. Those who complain the loudest about having to abide by this and other Terms are often the very people who need this clarification the most. Decades ago we didn't think such Terms were necessary. Over two decades, we have learned they are necessary even for graduates of New Thought Seminaries and people who have chosen to be institutionalized through various programs at a variety of institutes.

  4. Mingling, Sharing and having fun with "Celebrities" and other participants

  5. Participants participating in any ServingNewThought spiritual event whether online or offline including but not limited to: chat-rooms, prayer circle, or talk, at which a public person shows up at said event participants will treat said person with respect knowing that he or she is on a spiritual path. If during the course of the event during prayer work or outside of prayer work an actor, radio personality, author or any other person with a public career should share personal details, participants understand this is a spiritual event and will not pass on personal details. For the protection of said persons, including NewThought.net/work Serving New Thought personnel, this constitutes a Non-Disclosure Agreement with penalties not less than one years income of a serving member of the U.S. Senate per violation.
  6. Participants will not ask for autographs or other expressions of special acknowledgment that would cause a public personality to feel he or she is not in a loving place with people who accept him or her as a spiritual being who is on a Spiritual Path.
  7. Participants understand the above and know that this is not meant to impinge upon any personal relationships that participants may develop during the course of training. Be ethical not manipulative or abusive.
  8. Participation is a privilege, not a right. The privilege of attending a chat, class via Skype, Signal or another medium is not guaranteed. Participants deemed to constitute a threat to confidentiality or having demonstrated a pattern of abuse, or felt by the facilitator to be disruptive, maybe booted from any event, area, location, chat room, app, or medium without explanation. There is no latitude for a bad attitude. Demonstrations of nationalism, racism of any kind, abuse based on gender directed toward males or females, abuse of any group, failure to do homework, failure to adjust one's attitude is sufficient grounds to be booted, or not to be allowed to participate in any event, chat or other medium. All such incidents, evaluations of such incidents and decisions are within the discretion of the Staff of Serving New Thought. Anyone displeased with decisions and actions will discontinue using all services, sites and resources.

  9. Homework is a vehicle for learning and growth

  10. Participants understand the need to do homework and participate with an open, joyful and professional attitude; this means participating in any and all programs with a positive attitude. Getting training means you are a trainee / student, being trained to do the things you wish to do. Your mentor is not your webmaster or doing a service for you. Participants are not paying for a service and thus there is no customer/client to vendor/service provider relationship.
  11. To get answers, participants ask questions and through this method relate to their respective mentor minister(s). When having a challenge understanding any particular issue, participants should understand that they can ask for help regardless of what is facing him or her. Participating mentors care about participants and want them to succeed. Whatever "silly", "ignorant" or "stupid" questions that participants may have, were most likely asked by other participants when they were mentored and thus are valid questions.
  12. The mentorship being given is designed to impart the necessary understanding for participants to master the challenges they are facing so they can use the knowledge acquired to resolve the issues that confront them and thereby demonstrate mastery of any digital situation they are confronted with. This includes changing dns & mx records, doing e-mail marketing, using messengers, VOIP, creating and using PayPal, Facebook or Twitter accounts and using e-mail marketing. Thus participants save time, money, & energy and thereby can more easily support the transformation of world consciousness through sharing New Thought Teachings.
  13. Participants realize that to effectively learn anything, they must do assignments, attend sessions punctually without expecting special treatment elevating him or her above his or her peers such as requesting the rescheduling of classes except when absolutely necessary and with sufficient advance notice (2 weeks) because to do otherwise is to deprive other New Thought Sharers of their opportunities to receive tutelage and is demonstrative of egoistic behavior patterns that are unbecoming of a New Thought Sharer.
  14. Participation is a privilege not a right. Participants are aware of the immense work and care that this training entails. We are making a significant investment in him or her and as such it is important for the participant to demonstrate a professional attitude and an attitude of gratitude which includes doing any homework and working on his or her web site with the knowledge acquired, sharing this good fortune with others and letting them know about this program regardless of their New Thought denomination, or independence. Being a good participant is about "being the change you wish to see in the world."
  15. Participants understand that Serving New Thought is providing this mentorship to empower them so that they can learn how to be a more effective leader by understanding technology. The program is designed so that participants can learn how to do the things which are necessary to have a better web, or better e-mail marketing, e-mail, networking, voice-over IP, etc...
  16. Participants understand that they are participating in a mentorship, training program which is designed to empower them as a spiritual leaders. This program is designed to teach them how to do things, not to simply provide them with free web services or web mastery. Training is neither eternal, nor perpetual. While every person may elect to be a "life long learner", this does not mean instructors will provide life long training. Generally training is 6 weeks long. We do not guarantee that any training is or will be available. Participants can always opt to use our contractor system, by paying for said support in advance and thereby gain support from contractors through us. Contractors are not obligated to continue support for abusive clients.

  17. Recording: Take Notes University Style / Get permission to make recordings!

  18. Participants understand that their note taking style is for them to master, meaning they will take notes on their own time or obtain permission to record sessions so that they can transcribe notes and not slow down a class or an instructor / mentor. Whether in a one on one session or in a conference call, it is participants' responsibility to take notes in the same manner as in a University Seminar or Pro-Seminar and will not make it a habit to ask the instructor / mentor to repeat something because participants did not write it down.
  19. In the event that a participant records any conversation, session, lecture or communication with any member of Serving New Thought, said participant understands that all such recorded utterances have a copyright on them by Serving New Thought and the Serving New Thought instructor, minister, practitioner or volunteer being recorded.
  20. Participants understand that permission must be obtained to share such recording with anyone, including for free, or for sale, or resale. Permission must be obtained in advance of distribution or sharing any such recording with an individual, individuals, groups, churches, centers, public or private.
  21. Participants understand that the FCC protects the privacy of telephone conversations by requiring notification before a recording device is used to record interstate or foreign telephone conversations. Notification must be made in each instance. These types of conversations may not be recorded unless the use of a recording device is:
    • Preceded by verbal or written consent of all parties to the telephone conversation; or
    • Preceded by verbal notification which is recorded at the beginning, and as part of the call, by the recording party; or
    • Accompanied by an automatic tone warning device, sometimes called a beep tone, which automatically produces a distinct signal that is repeated at regular intervals during the course of the telephone conversation when the recording device is in use.
    • Also, no recording device may be used unless it can be physically connected to and disconnected from the telephone line or switched on and off.

  22. Guidelines are fair and to be fair to all participants, there are no exceptions .

  23. This checklist may also be referred to as a Terms of Service, and will be viewed in tandem with any and all corresponding Terms of Use and Terms of Service for any Serving New Thought web site accessed during or outside this program. The Terms of Use and Terms of Service have evolved over the years to insure clarity of expectations on the part of all parties involved in the Conscious Ministry program.
  24. Participants understand that if their mentor (support) or other networked mentors (support) do things to support their ministry, it is not because he or she is a customer/client, which they are not, but because mentors love & care for participants, wanting participants' ministry to be successful and thereby be able to better support the transformation of world consciousness.
  25. Participants are aware that NewThought.net/work Serving New Thought ministries, in conjunction with wonderful Spiritual Leaders around the world, provides High Quality Designs, Free Hosting and Training on a tithing and donation basis. That in the case of templates with logos provided by denominations, those logos belong to the denominations and may only be used by their members. Templates, logos, and other materials provided by NewThought.net/work Serving New Thought, including templates which are in compliance with said denominations' standards are licensed to be used on our servers and belong to us, this includes all scripting, flash and any designs and artwork created by our team or licensed by us, to us, or for us. We provide templates to support New Thought Communities and Organizations and they may use them under our license as long as they remain within the server system that we provide. We do not provide templates for them to be used off our servers.
  26. Participants understand that templates may not be removed from the NewThought.net/work Serving New Thought server system; Likewise our templates may not be duplicated, sold, or absconded with in any way. Removal of templates, programming or other creations off the server system constitutes financial damage to the system which will be assessed at a minimum of $222 per day.
  27. Training is on a case by case basis. Due to abuse of the training instructors and the training program, there has been a reduction in training opportunities.
  28. As of 2016, the volunteer staff has largely been replaced with millennial volunteers. Changes have been and are being implemented which are geared toward millennial concerns.
  29. As of 2015, Dr. A's telephone system has been eliminated. Participants prior to 2015 may consult with their "primaries" (primary contacts), however, support goes through the support network https://newthought.net/help/account.php?do=create If you need support, register and submit a ticket. If you are fortunate enough to have a primary, good on you!

  30. Domains: Manage your Spiritual Center's Domains ethically and properly

  31. Participants understand that it is their responsibility to purchase and continue paying for any domains that they acquire for said ministry and that it is not NewThought.net/work Serving New Thought responsibility to acquire or pay for their domain names.
  32. Participants understand that when supporting their New Thought community, they need to insure that the domain contact information for their community's domain names needs to be properly updated for every domain belonging to their community such that all the fields for Registrant, Administrator, Billing and Technical are filled out properly and not all in one name, in particular their name. There are four different contacts for domains, each needs to be filled in and up to date to protect their community from problems in the event that I cannot be contacted.
  33. Participants understand that if use of Serving New Thought as the Technical contact, requires informing a network minister of intent to do this and use the proper e-mail address provided by Serving New Thought at that time.
  34. Participants understand that their domain name is not their website. These are two distinct and separate things. Their domain is a vehicle to arrive at their website which is hosted on a particular server.
  35. Participants understand that their payment for their domain name goes to whatever registrar that participants have chosen to acquire their domain from. Payment for domains and administration of domains is between participants and their registrar, that although ServingNewThought may have trained participants to administer their domain(s), this does not imply any responsibility on the part of NewThought.net/work Serving New Thought for participants' domain administration.
  36. Participants understand that in certain cases, NewThought.net/work Serving New Thought may allow him or her, their ministry, or community, to use a domain name that belongs to NewThought.net/work Serving New Thought et al. Use of domains that were acquired by ServingNewThought or any of its partners or staff is a privilege and use of said domains is predicated on following the guidelines provided by NewThought.net/work Serving New Thought. Such New Thought domains must be used to promote New Thought and may not be used for purposes defeating the intent of using such names for the general welfare of the New Thought movement.
  37. In the event that participants' ministry collapses or participant discontinues ministry for any reason, any continued use of web services, or domains is at the discretion of NewThought.net/work Serving New Thought.
  38. Over the years, many URL's were acquired to insure proper service for all New Thought seekers. Use of any resource, including this one means you accept the use of any and all URL's we use to promote / serve these resources. If you would like to acquire a URL we are currently using, then you must make a legitimate offer to use said URL with an explanation of why we should consider your offer. Offers from any New Thought organization must include an agreement outlining how you and your members will work with us, including providing material support through the Sponsor system we have set up.

  39. ISPs: Keep an eye on your ISP! ~ Network Neutrality affects you!

  40. Participants understand that whatever problems participants may have with their ISP (Internet Service Provider) whether it is cable or DSL provided by LEC, Baby Bell or other independent company. Participants' ISP is his or her responsibility to deal with. There is a history of certain telecom companies blocking Unity, Science of Mind and Buddhist sites since the changes in the FCC during the early 21st century have allowed them to do this. If participants have problems with e-mail delivery or accessing their website(s), they may ask for support from Serving New Thought, but if this problem is determined to be with any of the telecom's that have a history of abuse, participants' must take responsibility to deal with them effectively, which may include phone calls and letters, so that together we can end their abuse of New Thought and Buddhist centers.
  41. Participants are aware that NewThought.net/work Serving New Thought is a ministry and that colleagues are supporting them to help the participants learn what they to do to have a better New Thought ministry. The web site that participants' use in the program may not work in the same way as any previous web site participants' have had, and it is participants' responsibility to grow and learn both from participants' colleagues and on participants' own to insure that participants' web does everything participants want it to do. Participants' colleagues are not performing as employers, employees, or a service for hire. Mentors / Instructors / colleagues are doing their best to bring participants' to a higher standard of compassion and professionalism by sharing their knowledge with participants and participants are expected to do the same with other New Thought ministers in the future. We provide all this love and training to New Thought ministers for free. We do not sell services or support.
  42. As of 2017, it is possible that participants based in the United States may, once again, have problems with their ISP's. There are simple reasons for this. If you are concerned that because you are a member of a Love based spiritual path which does not fall within the cultural norm (36% of the U.S. populace adhere to an Abrahamic Thought Form of one kind or another), you must write your Representative or Senator to insure your rights are protected. We are here, Serving New Thought, actually and literally but we cannot do your meditation for you, or write letters or emails for you.

  43. Resources: Use FREE resources to demonstrate Prosperity Consciousness

  44. Participants understand that there are many free resources provided by Serving New Thought such as the wedding websites and audio archives, as well as support to use free resources such a free e-mail marketing which enables a center to have up to 2000 contacts that can be emailed for free up to 12,000 emails per month.
  45. Participants understand that Serving New Thought is managing resources that support them 24/7/365. New Thought Library is there for participants all the time and being used around the world and around the clock by thousands of people, as is the FindACenter Universal New Thought Directory and the other Resources. There are Serving New Thought volunteers around the world supporting ALL of New Thought both independent and affiliated. The servers and other bills are paid for through voluntary PayPal contributions and donations. Thanks for all your support!
  46. Participants understand that sending a contribution via the New Thought Library, to support New Thought Library is not a contribution to support a particular FindACenter listing. However, within the discretion of the staff, if there is a request from a donor / contributor within 30 days of a contribution, stating that a contribution, at the current stated level or above, is intended to support the update of a listing, said contribution may be accepted as such. This is solely within the discretion of the staff.
  47. Participants in the design loan program may be given a full set of resources, usually created at the same time as the main website they are using for the duration of their time on our servers. Just like one's account on Facebook, these are for your use for the duration of your time on our servers, as long as you comply with the Terms. These subdomains are a benefit for those who use them correctly. They are a priviledge. If participants do not use them or use them in ways that violate the Terms, they may lose access to these. Restoration may be requested but is not guaranteed. Any use of the system resulting in the creation of support resources does not guarantee deletion of said resources except at the convenience of NewThought.net/work Serving New Thought.
  48. Participants understand that use of free resources while in charity status means that each page must include the Charity Program graphics. Like the regular graphcs, these graphics may not be removed from the website and must remain in the placement they are given by NewThought.net/work Serving New Thought Any New Thought ministry, community, center etc... using a website through the program which moves from Prosperity to Charity meaning that it is no longer sponsored with a minimum PayPal subscription of $1 per day must immediately change the graphics and begin submitting monthly letters of need.
  49. Participants cancelling sponsorship must inform the NewThought.net/work via the ticket system. Cancellation without requesting a graphic change and ensuring submission of monthly letters of need is considered stealing resources and may be subject to a $222 dollar per day fine for said action at the discretion of the NewThought.net/work Serving New Thought.
  50. Participants understand that if his or her community is not subscribed to an ongoing PayPal tithe at least $2 per day, that it is inappropriate to be paying for services such as Constant Contact which charges around $15 per month, or 50 cents per day. NewThought.net/work Serving New Thought trains us in better e-mail marketing software which is free and is the industry standard that Constant Contact is based upon. It is also inappropriate to be paying for other services such as Pay per Service audio archives, video services, or weddings sites which may be provided by Serving New Thought for free to registered participants. This is logical considering that Serving New Thought is providing such web services for free to all New Thought Centers, even those that are in Charity Status or unable to manifest $1 per day which is less than the cost of a cup of coffee in most restaurants in North America.
  51. Participants understand that if their community falls from Prosperity Status into Charity Status, or is in Charity Status at the beginning of a year, then participants' must use the appropriate simple and free tools provided by the industry standard e-mail marketing software, to convert whatever pay per service e-mail marketing software currently used to the free services, so that participants save their community this money being wasted paying for a service that could be obtained for free. This is only logical considering if one cannot afford a cup of coffee per day, it would be illogical to be wasting money on such services when participants could have the equivalent for free with a little time and energy. Bots do check these things.
  52. Participants understand that if his or her voluntary PayPal subscription is "Cancelled", then it is incumbent upon the participant to get his or her primary "letter of need" to the address listed within 10 days to maintain services. If your letter does not physically manifest at the address listed within 10 days, any website services you are using may be discontinued, this includes hosting. (These rules have been added because of various New Thought leaders who could have simply been honest and forthright but chose chicanery instead!) Within 14 days, the server removes links within the respective directory listing and the listing status of "Past Prosperity" is usually added to the listing This is a reminder status to restore Prosperity. Within 30 days, (even as soon as 24 hours) if there is no sponsor to reset the status to Prosperity, the server removes the contact information (phone number, website info). Within 60 days, the status indicator graphic "Charity" will usually be added to the listing. Unsponsored listings may be adopted by third parties. This time table is an outline and actual times may vary. Restoration of a listing from Charity to Prosperity involves communication via the ticket system (https://newthought.net/help/scp/login.php) and active participation upon your part. Ministries which violate any of the Terms of Service more than once, may be considered to be maintaining "recalcitrant consciousness" and thereby need to be given a probation period. If a listing is adopted by a 3rd party, restoration of stewardship to the center will not be allowed unless the community matches the new Steward's level of Prosperity and any additional criteria deemed appropriate by the Support Staff, in addition to demonstrating to our satisfaction that the existing Stewardship is not satisfactory. Why should we displace a perfectly good Steward with one which is inconsistent and unreliable, or with one that is unproven. We will give opportunities, but we will not participate in creating more work for bad reasons. These rules were added due to consistent deception on the part of certain New Thought ministers, (who are free to self-identify). Gaming the system wastes time and energy.
  53. Participants understand that they can choose "Declension" at any time, but it it is incumbent upon participants to send in a grant request / "letter of need" within 10 days of the discontinuation of participants' voluntary PayPal subscription if participants wish to continue using free services. This means, it is participants' responsibilty to get participants' primary "letter of need" signed, notarized and delivered within 10 days from when participants' PayPal contribution is "cancelled". After the primary letter of need is processed, then the newly impoverished New Thought Center must complete and file a financial need application to the satisfaction of the staff. Each month thereafter, an additional letter of need must be submitted. Each letter of need must be unique and original reviewing the current situation in the center / community. Copies of previous letters are not acceptable. (We have experienced all the games.) Do not confront any of the volunteer staff with this issue. The Terms are as they are because of the actions of previous New Thought participants. Many aspects of the system are automated. Thus there are no exceptions. In the event that participants' ministry believes it is unable to maintain a voluntary contribution but wishes to continue using the resources, download the grant request / "letter of need", follow the instructions and put it in the post immediately. Participants MUST send in a grant request / "letter of need" within 10 days. For New Thought communities to use the free services, a primary letter of need must be on file at all times, along with regular 'up to date' monthly letters of need. Participants understand that "Declension" means that all previous or existing exceptions, are terminated, thus it is always good to think carefully before going into declension.
  54. Participants understand that if their center does not submit the required primary "letter of need" within 10 days, and ongoing monthly letters of need each month thereafer, then any and all services may be discontinued at any time after that point. Some centers suffer temporary financial setbacks. Submissions must be received. Keep "proof of postage" for all submissions. While we grant a great deal of latitude, past experience by previous volunteers supports our understanding that these Terms are necessary. Our experience shows that participants suffering from any temporary financial issues, bounce back easily by consciously using the free resources.
  55. As of 2016, at the discretion of staff, participants may be required to send pdf's to fulfill the monthly submission of "letters of need". Said pdf's must meet the requirements of staff. Each must be unique and demonstrative of conscious effort on the part of the charity participant to the satisfaction of staff.
  56. If participants do not communicate or if participants put any barriers in the way of volunteers contacting participants for any reason, or Serving New Thought volunteers are not able to contact him or her through whatever means we choose, then services may be terminated. It is up to participants to communicate and be available for communication. If you cannot be contacted, that is your problem. Due to the volunteer nature of support, it may not be possible to obtain support for problems due to declension. We suggest that if you have not created a support account, do so immediately, https://newthought.net/help/account.php?do=create. if you wish to have support for things outside the purview of volunteers, or if there is no volunteer with free time to support you, we suggest that you book support through the Serving New Thought website.
  57. Participants understand that communication is the key and that this is participants' responsibility. Whereas these resources are provided gratis, use of resources must conform to all terms of services and terms of use. Additional improvements (upgrades) are always being made to the resources. Yet while volunteers around the globe facilitate these upgrades, volunteers are not participants' webmasters. Volunteers work on their own webs, and may train participants to update participants' webs, but volunteers will not normally do updates for participants. There are contractors available for that. Simply book time through the Serving New Thought website. If you need a contractor ask and you shall receive!
  58. If you have a trained webmaster, ask your webmaster to make changes on your website or engage a contractor. Payments for contractor support generally require a 30 day advance payment, thus it is wise to prepay for some hours in advance if you are sure you will need support past the conclusion of your six weeks of training.
  59. Past experience has demonstrated clearly that since webmasters are not usually part of a New Thought Community's leadership team, and therefore cannot speak for the community, it is incumbent upon a member of the board to submit tickets. Submission of a ticket does not mean it will be acted upon. Creation of an account in the ticket system may be disallowed for a number of reason at the discretion of staff.
  60. In the event that participants' subscription is cancelled and said participant wishes to maintain the continuity of participants' subscription without sending in a request for a grant application, a grant request and "letter(s) of need." then it is incumbent upon the participant to renew said subscription and maintain their pledge by making up the difference that was not sent in during any and all interim period(s) incuding a $77 processing fee. If the participant is a repeat offender with regard to "stop - starts" thereby causing additional work for other members of the network, then an assessment will be made as to the number of "stop-starts" and how this is an indication of consciousness and whether it is felt the participant can truly live up to a pledge. At the level of $1 per day, it is somewhat ludicrous to be unable to keep a voluntary pledge unless there are real and substantial issues with manifesting "Prosperity Consciousness." Do not attempt to game the system. We are all volunteers, so you are not depriving us, you are simply not "walking your talk."

    Tools: Use the Ministry Building Tools to Grow Your Ministry and Build Prosperity

  61. Participants understand that ministry is about sharing these wonderful teachings and demonstrating them resulting in personal and community growth. There are numerous ministry tools and ways to support the growth of participants' ministry.
    These include:
    • The DivineJournal.com system which helps build rapport with your congregation and connect with New Thought Seekers around the globe through exploring New Thought Classics.
    • After completing your DivineJournal and getting it programmed, apply to get it published through Divine Mirror Press, or simply include the Divine Mirror Press Imprimatur on the "published by" page of the book and on the back cover of the book include the Imprimatur with the words: Published with the support of the NewThought.net/work Writers Program.
    • After getting your Journal published, get support from an authorized network minister to write a New Thought Library Collection Survey book.
    • Using the Ministry Building Tools built into many of the websites that can be used in conjunction with Social Media: ask about them, learn how to use them, put them into action!
    • Participating in building up Universal resources such as the New Thought Library, thereby accruing links to your website and thus raising your center's profile in the search engines.
    • Use PayPal properly. Place the custom buttons we teach you how to create on your contribute page, thereby opening the door to prosperity through your website. Do not simply rely on the existence of the buttons to prompt their use. You MUST communicate their existence in order for people to find them and use them.
    • use PayPal to expand your prosperity when participating in other programs we have created to support your growth through your work in growing and expanding New Thought.
    • Learn how to record your talks and raise your profile by putting them in the archive. We inform you of the availability of free editing software. In some cases, downloads may also be provided. Properly used, your talks can provide a doorway for robust expansion.
    • Get involved in creating active media which can be placed in rotation of the media links in the various resources. In 2012, there were over 17,000 pages in the NewThoughtLibrary.com. Get in the Media rotations so that your ideas can be seen and heard around the world.
    • Be a life-long learner. One spiritual leader got a first lap-top at age 76, then used our programs to update the community's website. Participation has led to the co-writing of a DivineJournal, mastery of Skype and other online tools, with plans for another speaking tour. This is what we call a living demonstration of New Thought teachings!
    • Esse Quam Videri / Walk your Talk / demonstrate Prosperity Teachings through signing up for tithes through PayPal, even if it is just for the bare minimum coffee cup tithe of $1 per day or more.
    • Don't leave the listing that pertains to your center in the hands of the public, Steward the listing that pertains to your center today!

  62. Link to and share the Resources that support you

  63. Participants are aware that ServingNewThought is the only non-denominational ministry which supports me and all of New Thought with New Thought News and Resources such as:
  64. Participants must link to the above resources from the standard links page of their main website (ie. OurWebsite.org/links) and to SpiritualResources.org which lists additional resources. Such resources support participants' center, bring more New Thought Seekers to participants' center and other New Thought Centers and provide crucial support to seekers and sharers worldwide. Links show that participants care about New Thought in general and wish to share these resources with the world.

  65. Find A Center Universal Directory System: a Public News Resource

  66. Participants should be aware that over the years, since its inception, as of 2004 Serving New Thought had tithed at very least 47 to 63 hours of work and care to each New Thought Center listed in the Universal Directory unless it is a brand new center. That each year, this sum grows due to the immense amount of work that goes into the Universal Directory of New Thought Centers and this does not include the work that goes into the other resources, like New Thought Library and training programs.
  67. Participants should be aware that the FindACenter directory system is the only Universal directory of New Thought Communities, Centers, Churches and organizations in the world providing a vehicle for spiritual seekers to find New Thought Communities "around the corner, or around the globe" and that this work has proven essential to the growth of New Thought from a set of divided groups and communities which variously and individually participate in different New Thought "transdenominations" and membership organizations to a family of wonderful organizations that increasingly contribute to the resources which support for New Thought Seekers and Sharers around the globe.
  68. Participants understand The FindACenter News Resource reflects the current status of their center.
  69. Participants understand that if their community cannot tithe at least $1 per day, it thus follows that their ministry is not in Prosperity Status. The FindACenter Universal New Thought directory system, which is part of the New Thought News system, will not normally reflect Prosperity Status unless participants are in said status. One can read more about this on FindACenter.com
  70. The experience of the previous generation of volunteers has demonstrated clearly that most updates are sponsored by regular folks. While we share the affirmation of the previous generations that New Thought Leadership is stepping up and taking responsibility to support the listings pertaining to their communities, communication from sponsors has made it clear that we must acknowledge the present reality that most updates are sponsored by caring laity. Thus as of 2016, all Universal New Thought Directory system updates, including FindACenter updates, will be handled via the contractor system. Updates thus sponsored do not require ongoing Stewardship and sponsoring an update is not part of Stewardship.
  71. Sponsors of updates may go on to become Stewards and it is also possible for someone to become a Sponsor / Steward and after each unbroken 444 day period of sponsorship the Steward gains the ability to request an update to a listing. After the first unbroken period the Steward gains the ability to request two updates to said listing till the end of that year.

  72. Paperwork: Get Paperwork in on time!

  73. Participants are aware that Serving New Thought provides web services for free; that volunteer New Thought ministers are providing support for free and therefore it is incumbent upon the participant to insure that all paper work is properly submitted in a timely manner. In participating in a program that is designed to support participants' ministry, whether participant is a board member, spiritual leader or web trainee, participant must take responsibility for this paperwork and conformity to all the Terms and not shift it onto others. This is the New Thought movement, a significant understanding within this movement, (whether we are in a large denomination like Seicho No Ie, or medium size denominations like Unity or CSL or small denominations like Divine Science) is personal responsibility.
  74. Participants understand that if their ministries' status changes from Prosperity to Charity, or if their ministry enters the New Year in Charity Status that it is encumbent upon participants to submit new paperwork, including filling out the latest Ready2Start checklist, as well as submitting annual "letters of need" if they are in Charity Status and desire to use the free services without being a contributor. The deadline for New Year's submissions or resubmissions of paperwork is January 15th. All ministries entering the New Year in Charity Status must submit new paperwork to maintain the status of their "grant" and thereby the privilege of continued use of services.
  75. Participants understand that it is their responsibility to maintain clear communication with Serving New Thought, ensuring that Serving New Thought is fully apprised of any issues participants might have, including filing changes in status on time. All submission and paperwork must be completed in a timely fashion. 10 days is the general guideline.
  76. Since all contributions are voluntary and services can be accessed for free through the grant system, we do not send bills or invoices. It thus follows that we will not send reminders for you to get your grant paperwork in on time. If you choose Charity, then timely submission of your paperwork is your responsibility. Any questions, read all of the Terms.

  77. Communicate with compassion and caring

  78. Participants understand that if he or she works with Serving New Thought in any capacity that he or she must be loving father, mother, brother, sister to all New Thought sharers (ministers, practitioners, teachers, writers etc..) encountered. Whether from different denominations, or independent, participants may not use foul language, be abusive or otherwise spiritually inept; (all of which have been demonstrated by sundry New Thought participants over the years) it is for participants to reach within and lovingly guide colleagues to success as this is the only way to support participants in transforming said behaviors.
  79. That if participants are on a call and a congregant, minister or board member at a center being supported uses foul language or acts emotionally disturbed, participants' are not to respond in kind and should insure that at least two additional networked ministers are informed about this event so that it can be discussed and dealt with appropriately. Such communications may be logged to insure quality support.
  80. In the event that it is reported that a person at participants' center is a perpetrator of such behavior, then it is required that that participant write a letter of apology to all parties concerned and pledge not to do this again and demonstrate spiritual maturity through loving action. If said participant will not write such a letter, then their board will write it for them and submit it to Serving New Thought. The idea that one can participate in a program designed to support New Thought centers and then be abusive to those volunteers giving support is not tenable. We do not accept such behavior, for any reason.

  81. Practice Prosperity Principles

  82. Participants understand that it is important to practice Prosperity Principles and thus subscribe to a tithe, via PayPal. When the Serving New Thought writes about, messages or speaks of tithes, we are referring to the voluntary contributions that provide basic support for New Thought News resources such as FindACenter.com, the Universal New Thought directory, and the other news resources that enable people to find centers and arrive on time at those centers or to learn about New Thought teachings and classes.
  83. Participants pledge to tithe an amount ranging from $1 to $20 per day or more. These voluntary contributions support the New Thought Library and other Spiritual Resources which are enabling people around the world to read seminal New Thought works and thus eventually arrive at their center or join a new thought denomination or organization.
  84. Participants pledge voluntary contributions to support these resources which support them, their New Thought Community, Center or Organization.
  85. Participants understand that donations are greatly appreciated, and are different from tithes. A donation is a single contribution that is not recurring, whereas tithes are subscriptions to a regular donation which happens monthly, quarterly, biannually or yearly on a continuous basis. In contrast to PayPal subscriptions running through the FindACenter / New Thought Community Directory system, Checks and/or Money Orders are considered one-time donations and will be treated as such. New Thought Spiritual Leaders, ministers and others have made loads of promises over the years: "We are going to send a tithe as soon as I hang up." "We are sending a regular tithe every month." "We really appreciate your services and all your work, we will not only pray for your prosperity, we are going to send a tithe." etc ... etc ... These pledges and promises came from ministers of every New Thought denomination with no exceptions. While it is possible those who made them were sincere at the time they made them, none of them, except for one every kept the pledge and fulfilled the promise. The international nature of today's organization, in combination with the experience of previous generations of support staff, means that we no longer accept verbal or written IOU's. New Thought Communities with an active PayPal subscription through the designated PayPal subscriptions within the FindACenter Directory system enter into Prosperity status. Cancellation of said subscription is considered declension.
  86. Participants understand that when they make contributions, it is in the present, in the "now." It would be odd to consider that contributions of any kind would be considered to cover some kind of future "service". Contributions are made to support existing and ongoing services provided by Serving New Thought to the public and not for some future "favor" to the individual, community or ministry making the contribution. Contributions are made as a demonstration of prosperity consciousness, not a payment of any kind for future services.

  87. PayPal: Be Smart - Protect Bank Accounts / Credit Cards by using PayPal

  88. Participants understand that the preferred method of contributions to Serving New Thought is PayPal as this reduces the carbon footprint of all participants by eliminating the need for postage, transportation of letters and other accouterments of posting letters. One of the pages explaining the Stewardship system is on ServingNewThought.org/tithe
  89. As of 2015, Stewards and communities are required to use our PayPal subscription system for all ongoing voluntary contributions (tithes).
  90. Participants understand that by using PayPal, they are also protecting their Spiritual Center by guarding the account numbers that appear on their checks and credit cards.
  91. Contributions made outside the designated system outlined in the terms will only be considered as unique donations. Experience dictates that it is inappropriate to have any expectation that such contributions will, or will not be repeated and therefore they must each be considered unique.

  92. Stewardship

  93. Stewards take responsibility for the information within the listing which pertains to a particular New Thought community. Serving New Thought volunteers do not and will not assume responsibility for listing accuracy. That is your responsibility. If you are a member of a particular New Thought community taking stewardship because the leadership has not assumed the mantle of responsibility, we remind you to abide by the terms.
    • Your level of committment to Prosperity is a reflection upon the New Thought leadership of the community that said listing applies to. Higher levels show higher inspiration.
    • All stewards must abide by the Terms.
    • Your stewardship lasts for the duration of your fulfillment of your voluntary PayPal subscription and ends when it lapses or is terminated.
    • Only the leadership of the New Thought community which the listing pertains to may supercede you as the steward, but if you are doing a good job as a steward, that option may not be available.
    • So long as said community does not supercede you as steward, it is your responsibility to maintain the information in the manner appropriate to your stewardship.
    • If any stewards' PayPal contribution lapses, it is said steward's responsibility to ensure it is renewed or lose stewardship.
    • All stewardships are subject to a probationary period.
    • Volunteer staff do not and will not assume responsibility for listing accuracy and for informing the support staff that certain information is not showing.
    • Updates sponsorship is not stewardship. In both cases, the sponsor must provide the Transaction ID to the Support Staff. If you are asked to supply the Transaction ID more than once, it is for your own security.
    • Individual Transaction ID's may not be used for more than one listing. Update Transaction ID's are not valid for Upgrades. Upgrade subscription Transaction ID's are not valid for updates.
    • Failure to provide Transaction ID's to support staff means they cannot be validated. It is understood that anyone signing up for Subscriptions and / or Update Donations, but failing to provide them to the Support Staff via the Ticket system is making a donation or signing up for a voluntary subscription to provide general support to the New Thought Resource system.
    • All donations, contributions, subscriptions are non-refundable.
    • Stewards are responsible for the revelation or lack thereof of their responsibilities to the communities said listing applies to. Do not expect us to inform anyone about your stewardship. If you wish recognition, that is up to you.
    • Stewards must make the decision as to what level of prosperity they wish to commit to. Considering that the level of prosperity you choose reflects on the New Thought Leadership of your community, we encourage you to be generous and show as much information as possible.
    • Stewards must then make the decision as to what components of contact information available for display, will be displayed.
    • Stewards contributing:
      1. @ $1 usd per day, ($31 monthly)
        • the PayPal sponsor may request the phone number be included in the listing.
      2. @ $2 usd per day, ($62 monthly)
        • the PayPal sponsor may reguest the phone and email be included in the listing
      3. @ $3 usd per day, ($93 monthly)
        • the PayPal sponsor may request the phone, email and website be included in the listing
      4. @ $4 usd per day, ($124 monthly)
        • the PayPal sponsor may request the phone, email and website be included in the listing with the website linked
      5. @ $5 usd per day, ($150 monthly)
        • the PayPal sponsor may request all the above be included plus additional programs such as children's programs etc...
      6. $10 per day
        • The above plus special honors.
        • custom financial arrangement may be made at this level.
    • Prosperity Stewards may steward as many listings as desired.
    • Each listing stewarded will require a separate PayPal signup.
    • Some stewards are supporting multiple centers in their areas. Good stewards do a little research about each center to see how they are living New Thought principles.
    • Have fun with your stewardship, it is a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate your love for New Thought.

  94. Superceding an existing Stewardship

    1. The person who wishes to become the new steward must represent the New Thought community.
    2. The New Thought community must abide by the Terms including,
    3. if the New Thought community has a website, show that you are indeed part of the leadership of this community by ensuring there are active working links in the links section to the current New Thought resources including: (This is the same system that Google and Twitter use)
      • FindACenter.com
      • NewThoughtLibrary.com
      • DivineJournal.com
      • DivineTao.com
      • DivineMirror.com
      • NewThoughtDay.com
      • NewThoughtTalks.com
      • NewThoughtBook.info
      • NewThoughtRadio.org
    4. The New Thought community must be committed to the propagation of New Thought principles and be living these principles.
    5. The New Thought community must demonstrate their commitment to Walking the Talk and Living New Thought Principles beyond contractual obligations through personal and communal demonstration.
    6. Register to update the listing. https://newthought.net/help/account.php?do=create https://newthought.net/help/account.php?do=create
    7. Follow the instructions.
    8. After verification, for the duration of your commitment, you will be the steward of the listing.
    9. There are clear guidelines in the Terms to prevent "gaming the system." Abide by the Terms. Don't attempt to abuse the system. We have been doing this ministry for a long time and we have seem most if not all of the tricks.

  95. Grandfather Clause regarding communities already within the system

  96. Communities that are within the system and have an unbroken committment to supporting the free resources are able to continue their tithe / contribution at the level they entered into the system for the duration of their committment. However it must be understood that if a community ceases their voluntary contribution, then they forfeit coverage under the grandfather clause unless they restore their voluntary Pay Pal contribution within 15 days. This means that after 15 days, they enter into the current system.

  97. Anniversary Stewardship
  98. Anniversary Stewardship is an LTO (Limited Time Offer) honoring the discovery of New Thought Day by Rev. Dr. Michael Spottiswoode has a set of guidelines and rules that must be followed. These are detailed on the FindACenter.com Website. Such stewardship is a priviledge and not a right. If it is felt that the Anniversary Opportunity is being abused, then the applicant may be disallowed from participation.

  99. Charity Status is basically a Grant / Grants (Free Money, Support) come through Paperwork

  100. Participants realize that if they have not subscribed to a regular ongoing PayPal contribution via the links provided for that purpose in the FindACenter Directory system, it is necessary to send a "letter of need" which simply states that their ministry, center or organization is suffering from "economic deprivation" and thus they believe that they are not able to subscribe to a regular, ongoing tithe at this time. Letters of need should state that: "We think we are too poor to subscribe to even the minimum $1 per day tithe and yet would like access to the free hosting or whatever support we are seeking from Serving New Thought in order to change our thinking." The best way to insure your letter of need is acceptable is to click on the link above, download the .rtf template then customize it for your community.
  101. Participants understand that if they choose charity and not prosperity, they may not be able to access all resources. This is the nature of charity. unless you keep your paperwork up to date including sending in monthly and annual letters of need for both the hosting and respectively for each additional resource that you wish to use.
  102. Participants understand that it would not be appropriate to be paying personnel while claiming one cannot sign up for even the basic $1 per day PayPal tithe. Many New Thought ministers are volunteers at their centers because of low attendance yet manage to "walk their talk", demonstrating their prosperity consciousness and commitment to sharing these teachings by subscribing to the basic tithe. The centers that "walk their talk" are the centers that grow through the conscious ministry program using the ministry building tools and thereby manifesting abundance.
  103. If a participant discontinues tenure as the spiritual leader or support person for a ministry, but said ministry or position continues beyond their tenure in said position, participant will inform the responsible parties continuing the ministry that they must fill out this form and it must be received for them to be granted continued web support. If Serving New Thought do not receive these forms in a timely fashion, said ministries will be discharged from this program and web services will be discontinued until a new application is received.
  104. Participants who violate the Terms will be required to contact Support and follow instructions: for instance if a ministry falls from Prosperity Status into Charity Status or if participant is a "no call, no show", missing multiple appointments in a row for whatever reason, or if participant or a member of participants' ministry is abusive on the telephone, or violates the honor code. Participants' understand that this requirement is due to various participants violating the honor code.

  105. Equipment: The SpanTheDigitialDivide Program provides equipment to New Thought Centers. There is required paperwork for equipment grants.

  106. Participants are aware that they can get support for their center in the form of equipment through the SpanTheDigitalDivide program. To apply for this program there is additional paperwork and requirements.

  107. Loved: Even in Charity Status I am still loved and cared for

  108. Participants are aware that their voluntary tithes are supporting the resources that support them, their center and all New Thought Seekers and Sharers.
    • Participants are aware that all tithing is voluntary
    • that even if participants' are enmired in poverty consciousness and cannot afford to tithe at this time and can only pledge to tithe in the future, participants will still be trained.
    • that participants' are worthy and loved. Rev. Dr. Angela, Rev. Janet, Dr. Avalon, Peter H., Dr. John, Rev. Dr. Alisha, Rev. Alice, Rev. Peggy, Rev Peri, Rev. Sonja, James L., Josh, Vera, Pedro, Hans, J.C., Crane, "Raven", "powerGurl", "lastwagen", Tobias, Elana, "chimpchump", "IPU2", "English Bob", "Tandy", Latisha, "Crush", "Angry Swede", "Deluded Liberal" "Chicken Head" and all the other volunteers of Serving New Thought are here to support participants' in their Spiritual Journey so that they can better serve and support the members of their Spiritual Community and New Thought Seekers.
    • Participants realize that if they choose charity, he or she must contribute time and energy until he or she can demonstrate prosperity on a monthly basis.

  109. Tithing Time: There are ways we can demonstrate Prosperity Consciousness through tithing time and energy.

  110. Participants understand that if his or her community is in Charity Status that they can donate regular voluntary work on a weekly basis. If participants are taking advantage of the basic web hosting services with concomitant support from volunteers, then participants should donate at least 8 hours per week. if participants use other services, participants must donate at least an additional 8 hours per week per resource used. Walking the Talk is an essential part of the Spiritual Path. Contributions of time and energy are taken into consideration when decisions are made.

  111. Status: Charity Status should not be permanent, perpetual, acquired under false pretext

  112. Participants realize that communities in Charity Status are required to send in monthly letters of need so we can support them in understanding Prosperity Consciousness. These letters of need will outline the value of the services the community is receiving as determined by Serving New Thought. This requirement is important in order to support the ministry in Charity Status to move forward into Prosperity Consciousness and grow their ministry.
  113. If it is felt that services are being acquired under false pretenses, and or that the ministry is paying staff or ministry personnel while asking for Charity Status, then Services will be discontinued within 15 days of said determination.
  114. This is also applicable to ministries using resources in Charity Status that are determined to be prosperous and therefore simply not "walking their talk."

  115. Cup of Coffee: Considering that Prosperity Status can be maintained for less than the price of a cup of coffee per day:

  116. Participants pledge that, while in Charity Status, they are not sending voluntary tithes to any other organization including, but not limited to any membership organization. If participants are under contractual obligation (involuntary tithes) to any such organization, participants must forward a copy of this contract to Serving New Thought in order to avoid any appearance of conflict of interest and to make it clear that participants understand the meaning of "esse quam videri".
  117. Participants pledge that they are not sending monthly "donations" to local or other organizations while in Charity Status. It would be highly inappropriate and quite unethical to be declaring oneself in "need" and "poverty" and unable to tithe to support New Thought Resources that are supporting participants' ministry, yet turning around and giving money to other organizations or efforts while not sending in the basic $1 per day coffee cup tithe.
  118. Participants pledge and affirm that they are not paying administrative or spiritual leadership while asking for free support from Serving New Thought under the Charity to Prosperity program. Participants should demonstrate joyful gratitude for receiving loving support from volunteer New Thought ministers around the globe and if participants honestly think they could afford to send in $1 per day or more, they would do so because they believe in New Thought principles and know that such a contribution is an affirmation of their prosperity and growth through walking their talk.

  119. Musicians are not considered regular staff

  120. Participants understand that musicians are not considered part of the administrative or spiritual leadership and therefore paying musicians is not considered the same as paying staff. Often musicians are earning small amounts of money playing for spiritual centers and thus Serving New Thought does not include musicians as part of the definition of "regular staff". If participants' ministry is paying staff or spiritual leadership, participants need to be candid, forthright and truthful and provide all details of said payments including amounts so that a determination can be made as to whether participants' ministry should truly be allowed to participate in the Conscious Ministry program if participants choose to subsist in Charity status. We have discovered that several ministries participated in the program during past years could have easily sent in the lowest level contribution or "coffee cup tithe" at $1 per day, but did not do so. One such ministry bought land and built a church while in Charity Status. This is the very definition of the abuse of services and is the opposite of New Thought teachings regarding prosperity.

  121. Wedding sites for individual ministers

  122. Participants understand that since wedding sites generally support the prosperity of the featured minister, then the featured minister of said wedding site must insure that minimum tithing levels for his or her center are adhered to or send a personal "letter of need" stating that he or she thinks that his or here income flow is so low that the $1 per day cup of coffee tithe is impossible even for him or her to personally sustain and thus in the case of ministries in Charity Status, an additional letter of need from the featured minister is necessary for each wedding site being provided.

  123. Play Nice! Deception, Cheating, Lying, Hacking & Stealing are not acceptable.

  124. Participants understand that Serving New Thought is training them so that he or she can better serve his or her ministry and spiritual community. Participants may not participate in Conscious Ministry or any of the ServingNewThought Support programs under any pretext and must have a solid commitment to their spiritual community and the transformation of Global Consciousness.
  125. Participants understand that if he or she is a "tech savvy" individual and is given access to any Serving New Thought resource, that he or she must be responsible and ethical. If a participant is given access to any accounts, he or she will not alter those accounts in any way which is harmful or in ways which causes the accounts not to work in the way they were intended. These accounts are provided gratis, if participants reprogram them such that they do not work as intended it can bring harm to all seekers and sharers. Participants will not reprogram resources in any way outside of the normal spectrum of usage without permission of Serving New Thought. This includes NewThoughtStreams.com, NewThoughtCircles.com, DivineJournal.com and any of the other resources that are supporting NewThought ministries throughout the world. It is unethical to cause said resources to stop working for other ministers simply because they do not belong to your particular membership organization or because they are in your area and you view them as competition.
  126. Participants will not redirect the pages of any resource provided by Serving New Thought for any reason.
  127. Participants are aware that stealing information or duplication of services constitutes a violation of copyright and even in the case of non-profit entities is considered corporate espionage and as such is punishable by federal law and will result in prosecution and financial penalties.
  128. Participants may not be involved in any criminal activity. It is important to be ethical and abide by a code of conduct including acting with honour & integrity while guided by wisdom ways and compassion.
  129. Participants are enrolling in this program to become digitally empowered which means that when participants want to do something with his or her web, he or she will ask for a session to learn that which he or she wishes to learn, understanding that mentor ministers are ministers like the participant who are helping him or her and not professional web masters selling participants a service. Participants are aware that custom designs and scripting are for their use for the duration of their time on the Serving New Thought server network but said designs and / or scripting are not for use outside the network. Do not share the programming as a favor to others including friends and family. It is your to use, not to share or sell. If in the rare event that a participant leaves the program for any reason, he or she may not take any design, scripting, information or files without express written permission from Serving New Thought ministries and all the parties involved with the production of said template, designs or scripting.
  130. Participants understand that they must purchase any necessary software for their work, or use freeware available through the internet such as GIMP. Any trials that participants download or access by any means may not be hacked or cracked and participants should not try to secure the assistance of any networked ministers to support him or her in such an endeavor. Most companies will provide software to non-profits and students and educators at a discount. It is up to participants to avail themselves of such opportunities to insure that the software they are using is up to date and valid.
  131. Participants understand that the NewThoughtStreams.com archive is a non-profit universal resource enabling New Thought communities / ministries to have an online audio archive and not be forced to go to fundamentalist entities like sermon.net which is both costly and confusing to new members of New Thought congregations, or to commercial entities such as SoundCloud. Participants must learn the way New Thought Streams is coded and not tamper with said coding. Participants may link to our archive but deep linking to more than one talk such as the weekly talk, from their main website is not allowed. Recoding pages to redirect to other sites, including the main website, in effect disabling archive pages is not appropriate, ethical or conducive to the proper use of this resource.
  132. Participants understand that NewThoughtStreams.com is not a vehicle for storage, it is an MP3 audio archive provided for the transmission / sharing of public domain New Thought talks. It is not provided for the storage of videos or for the transmission of .wav files or .wma or other types of files. If necessary, participants will ask for proper training to use the free software provided through Serving New Thought to edit and convert my files to .mp3 format. Participants will gratefully use NewThoughtStreams within these guidelines. Under no circumstances may any ServngNewThought resource be used for the distribution of "warez" or pirated works.
  133. Participants understand that if they abuse NewThoughtStreams.com, or any other resource, uploaded talks may not be put into the media links rotation to be featured on the high traffic resources such as FindACenter or NewThoughtLibrary, but also participants may lose their privileges to add any more talks to the archives.

  134. "Branded" Templates and Logos are for use by Branded Ministries, not by ministries that do not belong to that Brand

  135. If participants are using a template supporting any denomination or supporting a ministry with any logos or "branding" that supports said denomination or organization: participants affirm and swear that participants, and participants' community is, indeed a member of said denomination or organization and participants are not misrepresenting themselves, or their community as such. Participants understand that if participants choose to leave said denomination, going to a different denomination or become independent that if participants are using a template which indicates that participants are a member of a particular denomination, or have any such "branding" which may lead people to believe that participants is still a member of said denomination, it is incumbent upon participant to remove such "branding" and if necessary to ask for a new template so that participants do not confuse anyone about their new independent status, or the fact that participants are now affiliated with a different New Thought denomination or membership organization.
  136. If participants use a "branded" template created by ServingNewThought to serve members of branded denominations, (such as the custom CSL or Unity templates), participants understand that whereas the branding belongs to whatever denomination the web design / template is supporting, the structure, design, scripting and other elements belong to ServingNewThought and therefore such templates may only be used on the ServingNewThought server system. If participants leave the ServingNewThought server system, participants must acquire a new template from a different source.
  137. Participants are aware that just as Jack in the Box would not wrap their burgers in Chi Chi's wrappers and the Circle J ranch would not be using a Bar T brand on their cows, participants should not use branding on their website if participants are not part that organization.

  138. Participation in the Program is a priviledge.

  139. Participation in the program is a privilege. There are no excuses for disrespectful behavior including behavior which interferes with another participant's full participation or the functioning of the program in general.
  140. Participants determined to be disrespectful will be dismissed from the program. In this case, ministries wishing to continue receiving support may find new representatives to participate, or will be dismissed from the program.
  141. Part of consciousness is awareness. It is your responsibility to be aware of these guidelines. They are linked to from various places on multiple websites. Be aware of all the wonderful tools that can be used to build up your ministry, return here regularly to apprise yourself of updates and upgrades. As additional tools are added to support your outreach, use them. Familiarize yourself with any applicable Terms of Agreement including those at DivineJournal.com and http://servingnewthought.org/terms-list-and-links.htm#TopOfTopic
  142. We all know that if someone is unconscious, they are unaware. Let us all strive to be conscious and aware. Be the change you wish to see in the world.
  143. Participants will participate in all classes and activities including sending in tithes / contributions or submitting letters of need to use whatever resources they desire to use to build their respective ministries and support participants' community.
  144. It is up to participants to occasionally come here and refresh their understanding of their commitments when necessary. This agreement will be modified to meet evolving needs and thus participants must return to this page occasionally and refresh their understanding of these Terms.

  145. Exceptions: Access for people other than Ministry Leadership.

  146. This program is designed for center leadership. It is not intended to train general membership of centers. Training of anyone other than the senior minister, or in the absence of a minister, a board member, requires that a center is demonstrating an understanding of ServingNewThought's ministry and programs as well as meeting the minimum standards of Prosperity Consciousness for such support. Due to the abuse of this program in the past, there are rules concerning the training of any non-leader.
  147. Participants understand that if their center is given permission to have someone other than their spiritual leader trained, they must pledge to tithe the minimum tithe for at least 5 years. Serving New Thought grants exceptions to this if there is no spiritual leader in which case we may train a board member.
  148. Participants understand that due to past abuse of this program, there will be no such training if a ministry falls into Charity Status and ministries with full time spiritual leadership are expected to demonstrate a strong prosperity consciousness in order to have a non-minister trained.
  149. Participants understand that training for persons other than leadership is a privilege that is granted only when their ministry adheres to the guidelines and that person must fill out & submit an additional application form. There are no exceptions to this.

  150. Significant Investment: This training is a significant investment in me, thus I cannot charge my spiritual community for the work I do.

  151. Participants understand that they are being trained to support their Spiritual Community; that this training represents a significant investment in them as an individual; that participants are being trained by volunteers, as a volunteer, to be a volunteer. Thus it follows that participants cannot charge their spiritual center or any New Thought organization for any updates or web work they do. Serving New Thought is a non-profit ministry, not a private company and part of our work is to provide New Thought Spiritual Communities and Organizations with New Millennium communication tools to increase their outreach and thereby support the positive transformation of World Consciousness. It would not be logical or ethical for participants to get free training from Serving New Thought then turn around and charge their Spiritual Community or other New Thought Organizations for website updates or any other web services.
  152. The New Thought Webmaster Certificate may be granted to those individuals who demonstrate both mastery of the materials, ability to perform various updates and operate under supervision, as well as independently, accomplishing support for their respective center and for the larger websites that support New Thought seekers and sharers.
  153. Participants understand being part of these ministry programs is a privilege, the alternative to abiding by the Terms of Service, Terms of Use and these guidelines is to leave and that violation of these terms generally results in expulsion from this program.
  154. Participants may take this course privately outside of ServingNewThought such as through SchoolOf.com for the same cost as regular professionals but that such tutelage will not be provided by Serving New Thought and Serving New Thought does not endorse or certify any particular program. Information may be provided about such private programs or tutelage, but it is up to participants to make their own decisions as to where he or she goes to school.
  155. All participants who wish to receive training, must fill in and submit the appropriate forms, understanding that this is an honor system and participants are expected to behave with honour and dignity and not use this program as an opportunity to abuse their colleagues or game the system.
  156. Participants understand that these requirements evolve and that he or she needs to evolve to overcome any challenge placed before him or her as this is the essence of New Thought.
  157. If participants have any challenge understanding this document or any portion or this document, participants may request support to get insight and clarity. If you simply need spiritual support / counseling / treatment, request an appointment.
  158. Participants appreciate the time and energy that has gone into this document in order to provide clarity and transparency to all participants supporting the Global Growth of New Thought.
  159. Participants understand that participation in any of these resources means that participants are obliged and required to adhere to all applicable terms:

    If any of these Terms and Conditions should be determined to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable for any reason by any court of competent jurisdiction then such Term or Condition shall be severed and the remaining Terms and Conditions shall survive and remain in full force and effect and continue to be binding and enforceable.

  160. If for any reason, you do not wish to abide by and of these or any other applicable terms, then your only recourse is to cease using the resources. This includes not using any provided resources such as designs, or any of the services, hosting, or websites.
  161. Using designs off of the authorized servers constitutes a violation of copyright and will result in legal liability. Using designs based upon or derived from our designs is also a violation. In short, don't try to cheat us. Our staff is not paid but we will pursue damages if you try to cheat us. If you believe in prosperity principles, send voluntary contributions, otherwise send monthly letters of need. Follow the terms and don't cheat. If you do cheat, then don't be surprised when our lawyers come after you for cheating us. Unauthorized use of web designs constitutes damage of $222 dollars per day. The system is simple. It helps lots of people. Walk the talk!
  162. Participants must adhere to all additional applicable Terms of Service, Terms of Use, and / or additional Terms: http://servingnewthought.org/terms-list-and-links.htm#TopOfTopic
    It is up to participants to stay apprised of any and all changes to the Terms, including third party Terms which affect their usage of any resource. Please understand that if your ISP is creating problems for you because of their Terms, don't come to us to complain.

Here are links to various sections: Basic Info & Ethics; Homework; Recording; Guidelines are Universal; Managing Your Spiritual Centers Domains; ISP's; Use Free Resources & Knowledge; Ministry Building Tools; Link to Resources; Find A Center; Paperwork; Communication; Practice Prosperity Principles; Be Smart / Use PayPal; Charity Status is basically a Grant; Equipment Grants; I am loved; Play Nice; "Branded" Templates; Participation; Exceptions;


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