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August 23rd, 2015 marks the 100th Anniversary of the New Thought Day. In honor of Dr. Michael Spottiswoode who discovered this event we are ushering in a new era New Thought

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Another way of understanding our symbol is through Knot Theory.

In different parts of the world, certain denominations are more successful than others. Because the world has a variety of cultures, the variety within New Thought meets the needs of different peoples. We support all denominations and encourage alliances.

We understand that different denominations take different approaches and thus resonate with different people. We also understand that we are all talking about the same principles and simply using different approaches to the same challenge of facilitating human enlightenment.

Despite occasional deluded attempts to create creeds and statements of faith, New Thought continues to grow and since its very name includes "New" it simply casts of these feeble definitions and continues to evolve.

We support all New Thought ministries regardless of independence or affiliation.


Consultation and Guidance

These interlinked rings symbolize the interdependence life and the divine.

A common challenge for ministries is good advice concerning domain names, metatags, audio files and other technology questions.

Not all ministers or board members are apprised of the issues. We share our knowledge, so that you don't have to waste money on expensive consultants. We provide the road map to elegant solutions that assist in excellence in ministry. This is because we has extensive media & web experience.


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These interlinked rings symbolize the interdependence life and the divine.

Serving New Thought is dedicated to making New Thought available to all people in all languages.

We support New Thought communities around the world. In many cases we are the first New Thought institution to offer support to ministers in the international arena regardless of their denomination. Quite often New Thought ministries outside the United States are simply forgotten. We insure that the opportunity to learn and live New Thought Principles is provided worldwide.


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An amazing and wonderful video that helps to explain the mathematics of our symbol.

Today, it seems obvious that spiritual teachings such as New Thought which teach Spiritual Evolution and loving kindness need to be shared. New Thought Library is one of these vehicles.

New Thought Ministers are the motivated and compassionate drivers for these vehicles insuring that humanity is provided with the opportunity to Spiritually Evolve and thus to insure a beautiful future for our children which is characterized by universal respect for all love based spiritual paths and implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for all people in all places.

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Your contributions insure that these New Thought Resources remain free of advertising and easy to access for all!



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Our "Be The Change" Volunteer program is fun and a valuable experience. You learn web technologies through hands on experience helping make more texts available to the world, reviewing texts and thereby building your New Thought credentials in a real way that people around the globe can see.

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Minister Volunteers can earn certification and qualification in New Thought Library Science.

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hailed as "hauntingly beautiful" and "a lyrical masterpiece" 
Divine Tao is a must for the Seeker or Sharer

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is an important part of our lives. Celebration supports our spiritual journey through the sharing & releasing of energy. Join people around the globe to celebrate New Thought Day on August 23th as first announced by the former President of the New Thought Alliance, James A. Edgerton announced on August 23rd, 1915.


Spiritual & Emotional Healing

For as long as we have been on this wonderful earth, Humans have had thoughts and feelings. New thought will teach you how to embrace your powerful self and move into a new healing and strength.


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Personal Empowerment

New Thought has been around for quite some time. The 20th Century version of New Thought history goes back to Phineas Quimby, but the Spiral Dynamics New Thought History traces the ideas of New Thought at least back to Anne Hutchinson who in 1638 taught that: "We are not converted to Christ but awaken to the truth of our present Unity with God"; "all people are reflections of the Divine" and "being a woman is a gift not a curse".

You can take wonderful New Thought classes from a variety of New Thought teachers from around the globe, both independent and from different New Thought denominations. There are at least ten!



New Thought Centers in the Conscious Ministry program anywhere around the globe can apply for additional support in the form of equipment, routers and more....

Request for audio / telephonic communication. - a comprehensive directory of love based spiritual communities around the world - Explore Abrahamic Teachings easily and simply 
through links to traditional gateways, forbidden texts and gnostic scrolls - Divine Journal provides daily quotes, 
prayers and affirmations from many wonderful classic New Thought authors

There are Seven Keys to Heaven here on earth, discover them today!

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"The truth, once announced,
has the power not only to renew but to extend itself.
New Thought is universal in its ideals
and therefore should be universal in its appeal
Under the guidance of the spirit,
it should grow in good works
until it embraces many lands
and eventually the whole world."

--Mr. James A. Edgerton, former President of the International New Thought Alliance on New Thought Day, August 23, 1915

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Spiritual Exploration

Today, with free countries experiencing actual intellectual and religious freedom. People are free to explore more than ever before. Although religious fundamentalists in the 2nd and 3rd world's seek to restrict this basic divine / human right. You can explore. Use your mind and you will find deep positive means to express yourself spiritually in caring communities.

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