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Our symbol is about interconnectedness. We believe in the interconnectedness of all life with the divine. All are interdependent. The prosperity of each of us is essential to the success of all of us and together with the divine we can bring about the best life for all people around the globe. Our symbol has many wonderful layers. Enjoy this little summary and click on the links to do more exploring.

The Optics / Seeing the higher nature Combinations of color create new colors just as combinations of thought create new thought.

The Optics

As we look at the Symbol, we see primary colors, secondary colors and all colors because those who understand optics know that white light contains the total spectrum of light. Thsu within white one can find all colors.

One might say the colors are symbolic of the circles of life and how they are interwoven into a grand tapestry of love and the law. White in the middle is symbolic of all life and its DivineUnity with the eternal truth of the primacy of love. The secondary colors are symbolic of the interdependence of the life, whereas the primay colors are symbolic of the root energies which support life.

Unseen are the tertiary colors which come between each of the primary and secondary colors. The tertiary colors that we do not see are symbolic of the deeper truth of "Trinity in Unity" which contains deep truths that are not immediately apparent to the non conscious soul.

Combinations of color create new colors just as combinations of thought create new thought. There are essential colors for painting and there are essential colors for video. There is additive and subtractive color mixing and each is essential to certain ways of seeing and interpreting the universe.

Our logo is also symbolic of the unity of all humanity and the importance of seeing interconnectivity and letting go of the delusion of separation. We are all one. Every part of the human genome is essential to our long term success and survival. We must preserve the variations and thereby insure the prosperity of each and all.

Trefoil / Ancient Knot / Amazing Math

Another way of understanding our symbol is through Knot Theory.

Another way of understanding our symbol is through Knot Theory. Our symbol is a Trefoil. You might know the Trefoil from the girl scout cookie which is also important to us as they are quite tasty.

Knots have been important to humanity stretching back into the earliest times. Complex weaving have been discovered by archeologists in bogs in Europe and depicted in rock carvings througout the world. Knots have been used not only as ways to calculate but also as writing in the potent Mayan culture. In 2010, excavations of an Armenian cave uncovered the oldest known leather shoe, a slip-on, lace-up model from roughly 5,500 years ago. It’s about the size of a woman’s size 7 today. The knots on the shoe were crucial to the shoes construction.

Knot theory is linked to quantuum mechanics, "a mathematician's knot differs in that the ends are joined together so that it cannot be undone."

The Borromean Rings

These interlinked rings symbolize the interdependence life and the divine.

Another way of understanding our symbol is through the wonderful and ancient math of the Borromean Rings. These interlinked rings symbolize the interdependence life and the divine. Although called rings, they are actually elipticals. Although the name "Borromean rings" comes from their use in the coat of arms of the aristocratic Borromeo family in Italy. The link itself is much older and has appeared in Gandhara (Afghan) Buddhist art from around the second century C.E., and in the form of the valknut on Norse image stones dating back to the 7th century. The Rings symbolize Trinity in Unity and reach back in time to embrace multiple cultures around the world. During the Ghandhara period, Afghanistan was a wealthy and peaceful country filled with joyful people who were able to create amazing gardens and art. People travelled thousands of miles to learn from the Afghans at that time and Afghan Buddhists were known for their deep spiritual insight and welcomed at powerful courts around the world.

The Triquetra

These interlinked rings symbolize the interdependence life and the divine.

Our symbol is also an ancient sacred symbol to the Celtic peoples, Nordic peoples and later to Christians and even to Neopagans. The triquetra has been found on runestones in Northern Europe and on early Germanic coins. It had spiritual meaning to many early pagans but was especially important to Odin. With regards to Odin it was primarily used in the form of the Valknut. It might be especially fun to note that Odin had two ravens Huginn and Muninn (Thought and Memory). Odin taught that all challenges can be overcome with proper thinking. A principle member of the Norse Pantheon (Æsir) Odin is associated with wisdom, magic, poetry, prophecy, victory, and the hunt. Named Hermes by the Greeks and Mercury by the Romans, Odin is a guide for souls through the Bardo.

There have also been comparisons to the three leafed shamrock and there is a quantum-mechanical analog of Borromean rings, called an Efimov state. This quantum-mechanical analog holds the promise of providing amazing energy from a very minute quantity of cold atomic gas.

The Boromean Ring Video

An amazing and wonderful video that helps to explain the mathematics of our symbol.


An amazing and wonderful video that helps to explain the mathematics of our symbol.




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