Updates / Stewardship has been simplified.

If you are simply acting as a journalist, just go to the FindACenter Universal New Thought Directory, click on the link for Public Update Service P.U.S. updates, fill in the form and wait for another volunteer to update the news pertaining to that center. If you would like to steward a listing and take responsibility for its information, then read on!

Steward any listing and control that information!


If you wish to tithe to support New Thought and have that support reflected in the Universal New Thought Directory.

Follow the instructions in the graphic to the left.

Go to that listing, click on the yellow highlight "Entry out of date?" link below the listing.

Click on the tithe graphics within the FindACenter directory if your intention is to sponsor a particular listing.

Stewards should keep in mind that after sponsoring a listing it is up to you to step up and contact us to ensure that the information in the listing reflects your current concept of what that center needs.

This includes insuring there is a status change from "Charity" or "Past Prosperity" to "Prosperity". We are all volunteers and do not get paid for support work, therefore, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

On the other hand, if you are happy with the information in the listing you sponsor and do not wish to change it for any reason, that is your perogative.

However, be apprised that New Thought communities may, at any time, choose to steward the listing, or listings pertaining to their particular centers. There is naturally a verification procedure for that. If a community's leadership elects to steward the listing pertaining to said center then for the duration of their stewardship, they will assume control over the information in said listing.

At times, some listings have been sponsored by various groups wishing to change information to support a particular agenda they have in mind.

Some cases in the past have been:

  • Local New Thought members wishing to gain an edge over other communities in their area have sponsored a group of listings to insure their center has an edge.
  • Members of fundamentalist groups have sponsored listings in their area to inhibit people from finding New Thought centers.
  • Sometimes people angry at particular New Thought Leaders have sponsored listings, or submitted public updates just to vent about their bad experience.
  • Please do not do this! We have no way of verifying the validity of sponsors other than when the centers sponsor the listing pertaining to themselves.

    You may feel tempted to grab control of a particular listing for less than noble reasons. Don't do it.

    Since we are all volunteers and no one gets paid to work on listings and it is an automated system, it is important to remember it is an honor system.

    Sponsoring, then stewarding listings just to put whatever information you wish into said listings is not helpful.

If a community wishes to assert control over a listing pertaining to their center, then at that time, you will be switched to the next available listing in your area, unless of course, you are stewarding all those listings and then you will be given the next closest listing, if there is one.

If the community in question ever lapses, you may be notified and resume control of that information through sponsorship.

Some stewards are controlling several listings in their town and thereby able to help bring more people to those particular centers. This new development has become quite helpful to supporting the development of New Thought.

Be responsible! Provide good information. Sponsorship is a privilege

Never be surprised if a center needs help. Some New Thought Leadership are afraid to talk about their financial needs feeling it is a negative affirmation of lack. You must simply take control and do what you feel is best. After all, as a member or a friend of said center, you know they need help.

Do not wait for the bureaucracy to change, it never does. Simpy take control of the information in your area and do what you think is best!

Even if a center is so small, that they believe they can't support the work we do, we still support them because that is our mission. If you are dealing with a "mini-center" or a center in which leadership is not able to steward their listing for any reason, just grab the wheel and start driving!

Ministries that think they are unable to tithe can send annual "letters of need" to access resources.

Ministries must adhere to the program guidelines, Terms of Services and Terms of Use.

We provide support to ministries worldwide, some of which are in economically depressed or disadvantaged locales. Don't be a stranger. You are not alone. We have created wonderful resources to support your work.

Of course, we believe the best choice for all New Thought Ministries is Prosperity!


Technology to support bringing the Good News of New Thought to the world

We are part of a global trend of people helping people through networks and sharing.

A better world begins and continues with each of us!!!

It is all about you. Your spiritual path is not about something outside of you. It is about you.

We work with you to insure your growth

We work with New Thought Sharers (ministers, teachers and practitioners) around the world helping them to create media that support seekers on the spiritual path. Networked ministers gain valuable links which raise their rating in the search engines, though processing public domain New Thought Books and writing reviews for those works increasing their public profile through our extensive network of websites and internet resources.

Other great New Thought resources that are free include:

More resources can be found at: SpiritualResources.org


Join the Team!

Serving New Thought Brings New Thought to our Fingertips

Our "Be The Change" Volunteer program is fun and a valuable experience. You learn web technologies through hands on experience helping make more texts available to the world, reviewing texts and thereby building your New Thought credentials in a real way that people around the globe can see.

Apply Now!

Minister Volunteers can earn certification and qualification in New Thought Library Science.


is an important part of our lives. Celebration supports our spiritual journey through the sharing & releasing of energy. Join people around the globe to celebrate New Thought Day on August 23th as first announced by the former President of the New Thought Alliance, James A. Edgerton announced on August 23rd, 1915.


Spiritual & Emotional Healing

For as long as we have been on this wonderful earth, Humans have had thoughts and feelings. New thought will teach you how to embrace your powerful self and move into a new healing and strength.


Personal Empowerment

New Thought has been around for quite some time. The standard history goes back to Phineas Quimby, but the Spiral Dynamics New Thought History traces the ideas of New Thought back to Anne Hutchinson who in 1638 taught that: we are not converted to Christ but awaken to the truth of our present Unity with God; all people are reflections of the Divine and "being a woman is a gift not a curse".

You can take wonderful New Thought classes from a variety of New Thought teachers from around the globe, both independent and from different New Thought denominations. There are at least ten!



New Thought Centers in the Conscious Ministry program anywhere around the globe can apply for additional support in the form of equipment, routers and more....

Call (USA) 505.216.6397


The World needs you!

New Thought support around the globe

"The truth, once announced,
has the power not only to renew but to extend itself.
New Thought is universal in its ideals
and therefore should be universal in its appeal
Under the guidance of the spirit,
it should grow in good works
until it embraces many lands
and eventually the whole world."

--Mr. James A. Edgerton, former President of the International New Thought Alliance on New Thought Day, August 23, 1915

More Great New Thought Resources:

Spiritual Exploration

Today, with free countries experiencing actual intellectual and religious freedom. People are free to explore more than ever before. Although religious fundamentalists in the 2nd and 3rd world's seek to restrict this basic divine / human right. You can explore. Use your mind and you will find deep positive means to express yourself spiritually in caring communities.

Ask the Prosperity Ministers about their websites

Call any of the these centers and talk with the Senior Ministers about the Prosperity Program. We provide them with free hosting, training
& much more

Request for audio / telephonic communication.